Coordinating a group meeting without the chaos

Real people’s schedules are messy. Chaotic. Irregular. We get that. We built for that. We designed for the event that has countless people with difference situations and preferences.
Arrangr's Scheduling and Meeting Product Solutions and Overview
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Coordinate your group meeting with a full
featured solution

  • Arrangr's group meeting functionality eliminates the chaos associated with coordinating multi-participant meetings.
  • All the various tasks are automagically incorporated into a streamlined, intuitive process.
  • Arrangr will then reserve the time in their calendar to prevent double booking.
  • All the while, you can include your preferred virtual video or conference call platform - fully integrated.

Increased productivity with simplified scheduling via your favorite apps

Integrate multiple accounts, calendars, and team members with Arrangr for ultimate visibility and control.

Two-way calendar integration

Arrangr plugs right into all popular calendars (Apple, Microsoft, Google) using safe and secure industry-standard protocols. Arrangr quickly displays the available time for scheduling meetings and automatically inserts confirmed meetings.

Turn-key video and audio conferencing

Easy, one-click video or audio conferencing. Best-of-breed conferencing; you choose your favorite system (Zoom, Webex, GoTo, MS Teams, Google Meet, Skype, etc.) Auto-generated video call links - integrated into invite .

We'll help you find that perfect spot! 

Meeting in person?  We can help! Quick restaurant, bar, cafe, and hotel suggestions. Ratings, reviews and pictures of potential locations. Half-way point suggestions (with route plotting). Saved favorite places. Smart suggestions based on meeting history

Deep productivity integrations

Seamlessly work hand-in-hand with most CRM systems like HubSpot and deep integrations with other application like, Slack, MS Teams, Stripe, Google Chrome,

Remote & Hybrid meetings compatible    

Seamlessly work hand-in-hand with most CRM systems. With powerful deep integrations for platforms like HubSpot, and the flexibility to customize your own integration with almost any system through Zapier.

5,000+ more apps, 
infinite possibilities

The flexibility to customize your own integration with almost any system through Zapier. Zapier supports more apps than any other platform, so you can connect the tools you use today— and tomorrow.

Convert more prospects into scheduled meetings with our full feature solution

With Arrangr’s streamlined and approachable flows, your sales team will spend less time scheduling, and more time selling.

Scheduling solutions for real people

Integrate multiple accounts, calendars, and team members with Arrangr for ultimate visibility and control.

There's integrations, and then there's deep Arrangr integrations

Arrangr brings all the tools you need into a central scheduling interface. Stop juggling between apps to schedule a meeting, and let Arrangr be the glue that ties them together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I embed booking pages in my website?
Yes, it is possible to embed Arrangr scheduling pages in your website. Arrangr offers an embed code that you can copy and paste into your website's HTML code, allowing you to display your Arrangr scheduling page directly on your website.
Can Arrangr prevent double booking?
Yes, Arrangr can prevent double booking by checking for conflicting appointments when someone tries to schedule a new appointment. If a conflict is detected, Arrangr will not allow the appointment to be scheduled and will display a message indicating that the time slot is already booked.

Arrangr achieves this by keeping track of all scheduled appointments in real-time and checking for conflicts whenever a new appointment is added. This feature helps ensure that your schedule remains accurate and up-to-date, and helps prevent the frustration that can arise from double booking.

Additionally, Arrangr allows you to set buffer times between appointments, which can help prevent overlap and ensure that you have enough time to prepare for each appointment. You can also set custom availability for each day of the week, which can help you avoid scheduling conflicts based on your unique schedule.
Can Arrangr overlay my calendar with others to find the perfect time?
Yes, Arrangr can overlay your calendar with others to find the perfect time for a meeting or appointment. This feature is called "Calendar Overlay" and it allows you to see the availability of all participants in one view, making it easier to find a time that works for everyone.

When scheduling a meeting or appointment, simply select the "Calendar Overlay" option and enter the email addresses of the participants. Arrangr will then display a calendar view that shows the availability of all participants side-by-side, making it easy to find a time slot that works for everyone.

Calendar Overlay is particularly useful when scheduling meetings with people outside your organization, such as clients or partners, as it allows you to see their availability without having to share your calendar with them. It can also help you avoid the back-and-forth of scheduling emails and make the scheduling process more efficient.
Does Arrangr learn my favorites to save time the more i use it?
Arrangr has a feature called "Smart Suggestions" that can learn your preferences over time to save you time and make the scheduling process more efficient.

Smart Suggestions works by analyzing your past scheduling behavior and making recommendations based on your preferences. For example, if you tend to schedule meetings on certain days or at certain times, Arrangr may suggest those options to you first. It can also suggest preferred meeting locations, duration, and other preferences based on your past behavior.

Additionally, Arrangr allows you to create templates for common types of meetings, which can save you time by pre-filling meeting details such as duration, location, and attendees. You can also set recurring availability for certain days or times, which can save you time by automatically blocking out those times for scheduling.

Overall, Arrangr's Smart Suggestions and other features are designed to make the scheduling process as efficient and streamlined as possible, and to help you save time by automating repetitive tasks and learning your preferences over time.

Achieve Scheduling Nirvana

Real people’s schedules are messy. Chaotic. Irregular. We get that. We built for that.
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